Thanks for btcd's work

In the course of our development Copernicus , We are particularly grateful for the efforts and contributions of btcd in the development of Bitcoin protocol . Their work so that we use golang development Bitcoin will be easier . In some places in Copernicus directly use the btcd's code , here to explain the next to express our respect for btcd . We are to do some changes in some places , so thar this code is suitable for our ideas , for this part of the code we will the license and the copyright of btcd .

If there are missing , please let us know and we will make up as soon as possible. Below is a brief description of the code used and the code modified .

btcutil , We used the mudule directly in our code , At first we maked it as a library , But we still copy part of code in btcutil , the reason is that btcutil has some code that depends on btcd . For example , it will depends on :btcd/txscript and btcd/wire , and these module we will be re-planning . So we remove tx , block and bloom from btcutil , retained the rest of the code.

btcec , We directly used the btcec module in Copernicus , we are used to operate ECDSA . Later we used the library secp256k1-go , this library uses CGO to encapsulate secp256k1(c language) . But we still retain the btcec meaningful init test.

In the read and write section of the Bitcoin protocol , we reger to a large number of btcd codes . This part of work btcd done very well , they have also been a log of use and testing . We are very sincere thanks to the work of btcd , their contribution to the whole bitcoin community . So do this part of the development work when we are based on btcd's code . This section is used in three mudules:

  1. utils : Common data structures used to handle protocols , such as Varint , VarString , and base type read and write
  2. msg: The module is used to deal with the various information in the special Bitcoin protocol , here we alse refer to a lot of btcd code .
  3. peer: used to manage the node and the node communicaion , we also refer to btcd's code

Of course , there are other parts we will refer to btcd's code , in the future we will also reger to btcd code , we will make a brief description the part that is used directly , to express our thanks to btcd . With the efforts of the btcsuite team , it would be easier for other developers to develop Bitcoin teams using Go.

Thanks to the btcsuite team and the developers who contributed to btcd and btcutil .

Contributors of btcutil

adiabat, waldyrious, Roasbeef, cpacia, benma, afk11, jcvernaleo, flammit, wallclockbuilder, dajohi, jrick, davecgh

Contributors of btcd

justusranvier, ortutay, esemplastic, dskloet, drazisil, yrashk, waldyrious, runeaune, rvelhote, oleganza, IngCr3at1on, fanquake, mdempsky, Kefkius, jadeblaquiere, jzbz, ysangkok, hectorj, federicobond, evansuva, mvdan, shphrd, turboroot, beldur, lologarithm, benhc123, carryforward, bclermont, cpacia, mischief, verokarhu, chris-martin, gsalgado, ishbir, halseth, marcopeereboom, dan-da, DanielKrawisz, alexbosworth, toddfries, tb00, dskloetg, kargakis, Dirbaio, wallclockbuilder, tsenart, stevenroose, jimmysong, aakselrod, owainga, jongillham, flammit, tuxcanfly, drahn, Roasbeef, jcvernaleo, jrick, dajohi, davecgh

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